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Consumer - Stackers and storage systems

Stackers and buffers for flat and chunky prepackaged food and stimulants

As a link between production and packaging machine, Sierem provides stacking and storage solutions for the following prepackaged food and beverages in bags or portion packs.

  • Coffee, tea, cocoa
  • Instant products
  • Long-life bakery products, candies
  • Milk powder, baby food
  • Snack food, cereals, chips
  • Soups and sauces

Sierem - Stackers and storage systems

Sierem is an expert in process automation: When it comes to linking production with packaging processes, Sierem units are in demand. Buffer functions are also necessary to maintain line efficiency through comprehensive format changes during the production or pack-aging process.

Sierem’s specialization on this central part of the value-added chain quickly resulted in many innovative solutions in the industry, particularly for cosmetics, food, and other consumer products. There are, however, no two production and packaging situations alike. For this reason, Sierem‘s core competence includes project engineering committed to tailoring form-fit, customized interfaces for production and packaging lines from any manufacturer. This is Sierem’s promise. The majority of Sierem’s clients choose turnkey projects guaranteeing just that.

It is worth noting that Sierem units profit from synergies within the Optima Group Consumer. Concurrently, other subsidiaries of the Group benefit from Sierem’s solutions, which often come in as an enhancement for complex systems requiring product buffering. Interfaces, machine flexibility and output are painstakingly coordinated, ever bearing in mind that Optima’s common motto also holds good for Sierem: Service at its best – worldwide.

Further details to packaging machines forconsumer products on Optima Consumer website.

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