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Nonwovens - Stacker

Stackers and storage systems for sanitary paper products

At the end of the production process, Sierem machines receive prepackaged products like sanitary napkins, panty liners, diapers and incontinence products as well as for toilet and kitchen rolls and feeds them to downstream packaging processes as required. Automation and buffering accelerate the packaging process. At identified areas which tend to cause technical problems or delay, Sierem machines are the solution. For some products, counting and stacking functions form the interface between production and packaging processes. A packaging machine will not function without a structured infeed.

SIEREM: Stackers and storage systems

Experts in process automation: When it comes to linking production with packaging processes, Sierem units are in demand. Stacking wheels and vertical and/or horizontal stackers hold solutions for nearly all nonwoven products.

Products are often discharged from production machines continuously, at high speed and – in some cases – chaotically. Sierem designs form-fit interfaces. In a first step, the Sierem machine receives all arriving products, then counts, groups or stacks them in preparation for the packaging process. Thus, an unstructured mass of products is transformed into packages of defined quantity, and the prepared products are subsequently fed to the downstream packaging machines.

Further details to packaging machines for nonwovens products on Optima Nonwovens website.

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